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Leafy Green Blinds

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, August 31, 2006, at 10:56AM
Green Out Our Window Eric Richardson [Flickr]

When Kathy and I got married last month we moved into a new apartment in the same building (Premiere Towers). Instead of facing the alley on the fourth floor we're now facing Spring from the second. That moves us a lot closer to traffic, but the potential for noise and light from that is offset by the fact that we look straight out our windows into a pair of trees.

I really like that, since it adds color and privacy, but it also sort of worries me. I've seen what Bureau of Street Services can do to street trees. Coming back one day to find a clear view to the street (and the people across it) would drastically alter how we experience our unit.

What it all comes down to is funding. BSS's Street Tree Division only has the funding to trim a street tree about once every seven years. With the way these ficus trees grow that means you have to trim it way back in order to keep it from growing too large. So more often, lesser trimming is certainly the best solution, but also the one that takes the cash.

BTW -- The Street Tree site is great. I think this quote sort of sums up a lot of issues:

Under the provisions of the State of California Streets and Highways Code (Sections 5600-5630), the repair and maintenance of sidewalks, curbs, and driveway approaches is the responsibility of the abutting property owners. (This includes damage caused by parkway tree roots.)

Since 1976, funding has not been provided for the reimplementation of the enforcement program whereby property owners are cited to repair defective condition that are potential hazards or interfere with the convenience of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Money, money, money.


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