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Those Pesky Phantom Laws about Photos

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, September 04, 2006, at 05:55PM
Library Tower Security Hassling Photographer Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I was walking next to the Library today when I noticed an all too familiar situation unfolding. A photographer was set up across the street looking to take some pictures of the Spanish Steps next to Library Tower. Up came a security guard who proceeded to inform the photographer that it was illegal to take pictures on that side of the street since this was one of the top terrorist targets in LA.

Of course that's pretty assuredly B.S. You're perfectly within your rights to take photographs from the public way of whatever building you'd like.

I did enjoy the photographer's response. He changed lenses and continued to take the shots he wanted, hopefully security guard free. After a few minutes he packed up and moved on. To his credit, the security guard did not attempt to bully the photographer (more than just telling him to leave).

I know eecue has a thing or two to say about this...

Update (Tuesday): Ed emailed and pointed me to his account of a similar situation with Library Tower.

I feel a little bad for the odd pose I got the photographer in. I snapped the shot while walking by, so I felt a little awkward about going back for a second take.


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