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DLANC Election Results Are In

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 13, 2006, at 04:53PM

DLANC Election Yesterday DLANC held its 2006 election at Macy's Plaza. Hopefully you saw the candidate information and got out to vote.

The preliminary results were released today and I'm pleased to say that I won with one vote, just as I had hoped1.

Overall 471 ballots were cast. That number is held down by how many races were uncontested, but it's also a sign of how much DLANC needs to focus on outreach in these next two years.

The full results after the jump...

The Contested Races

The names in bold won. In some cases that's one candidate, in others it's three.

Resident - Area-Wide
J. Russell Brown (63)
Genevieve Liang (42)
Resident - Area-Wide Homeless
Harold Lauderdale (9)
Joseph M. Thomas (5)
Bumdog (0)
Resident - Historic Downtown
Ginny-Marie Case (20)
Theodor Reinke (8)
Resident - Bunker Hill
David Robinson (8)
Michael Gagan (5)
Resident - South Park
Jennifer E. Chapman (25)
Scott Bytof (7)
Arts, Culture, Education
Peter Grunz (50)
Brady Westwater (42)
Shane Guffogg (27)
Geoffrey Rivas (14)
Social Service Provider
Don Halfenberg (29)
Larry Adamson (21)
Shannon Buhrmaster (19)
Samuel Miguel Sanchez (5)
Public Sector Employee
Susan Tae (73)
Julie Butcher (67)
Javier G. Cardenas (17)
Benjamin Pezzillo (2)

The Uncontested Races

I won't bother putting in bold who won because, well, they all did.

Resident - Area Wide Artist
Eric Richardson (1)
Resident - Alameda East
Eric Woolery (2)
Resident - Central City East
Robert Donnell Lockhart (9)
Resident - City West
Raby Savage (2)
Resident - Civic Center
Stanley B. Michaels (7)
Resident - Fashion District
Tara Jones (3)
Business - Area-Wide
Hal Bastian (36)
Business - Alameda East
Matthew Klekner (2)
Business - Central City East/Toy District
James Doizaki (10)
Business - City West
Argishd Galustian (1)
Business - Downtown Center
Gary K Warfel (20)
Business - Fashion District
Lynn Myers (19)
Business - Historic Downtown
Michael Delijani (16)
Business - South Park
Wendy Bruget (4)
Private Sector Employee
Shiraz D. Tangri (5)

My One Vote

Because I was running unopposed and DLANC's voting structure is set up so you can only vote in one stakeholder category, I told people not to vote for me in the time leading up to the election. Anyone eligible to vote for me as "Area Wide Resident Artist" must also be a stakeholder able to vote in the regular residential races. I'd much rather see them cast a vote in a contested race there than throw away a vote on me. I voted for myself; that's all I needed.


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