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The Onion Comes Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, September 14, 2006, at 02:48PM
Onion Newrack in Downtown LA Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The Onion has been in Los Angeles for just over a month now, but today's the first time I've seen a newsrack for it. I was headed to get some lunch when I came across this stand at the corner of 6th and Hope.

I actually subscribed to The Onion for a while in Michigan, back in 1999 or so. Yeah, it was cool to read online, but it was cooler to have a paper copy in your hand.

Last month a representative from Street Services came to the DLANC Transportation & Public Works committee to talk about the newsrack ordinance. He brought a list of publications that had signed up to get a permit for racks and the first thing I thought was "I wonder if The Onion's on here." I don't think I saw them then, so itt wouldn't surprise me if this is one of their first sidewalk racks.


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