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Skid Row Signage: ACLU Crack Haven

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, September 18, 2006, at 07:18AM
P9140833.JPG Will Campbell [Flickr]

It seems there was a little political signage art going on at the end of last week. During the Thursday night IAAL-MAF ride, Will took this shot at the corner of Winston and Los Angeles. Spencer posted it on, which is where I saw it (having been absent that ride). I took a swing around the area yesterday evening but couldn't find any of the signs still up, so someone has obviously taken them down in the days since.

The first thing I thought of when I saw these signs were the ones Richard McDowell put up last May. I don't know that there's a connection, but obviously the thematics and the execution are similar.

I have to disagree a bit with Spencer's dislike of the signs' message. I think they're brilliant. The ACLU is an organization that often does good things, but the way they've protected a completely unsafe and inhumane environment on Skid Row doesn't sit too well with me. And Alice Callahan? She's a bit out there for me.

Update (noon): This is what I get for posting before reading everyone else's site. Ed also posted about the signs at View from a Loft. Here's irony for you: I saw the thumbnail of that second image in the photos at left several times over the weekend but the thumb cropped out the sign.

Update (Tuesday): In a comment at LA Voice, Bert Green confirms that it was Richard McDowell behind the signs (with Bert's involvement). He also saw the signs being taken down by LA CAN. It doesn't surprise me that they would be displeased with the message.


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