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LA Times Mentions Skid Row Signs; Neuters Message

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 20, 2006, at 09:06AM

The LA Times has a piece running today talking about how those in Skid Row aren't willing to get excited for the new LAPD / ACLU accord. Artist Richard McDowell, who I correctly pegged as having done the signs is quoted and his signs are referenced, but the Times neuters their message by only half-quoting them.

"It's a Band-Aid on a gaping wound," said Richard McDowell, an artist and downtown resident who has placed mock street signs around downtown proclaiming areas such as "Heroin Row."

"Nobody's actually doing anything to help these people."

The beauty of the work Richard did was that it pointed the finger at parties involved in the problem. Agree with the sentiment or not, you have to admit it is disingenuous of the Times to selectively ignore that part of the work. If I were Richard I'd be demanding a correction.

The great photo is by eecue, who snapped it during the Downtown Art Ride.


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