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Roosevelt Fast-Tracking Retail?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, October 02, 2006, at 04:18PM
Roosevelt Retail Space Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Development on the Roosevelt Lofts has been moving steadily since they got started (at least externally) back in January. In the last two weeks the retail spaces seem to have been put on overdrive, as all of a sudden the building went from where you could see straight through it to today having glass on the front.

This is a welcome change from so much other residential development Downtown, where the retail lags the housing by months (or more). I'm hoping for something in the way of fast food. I know the Roosevelt wants to "upscale" their former tenants (La Salsa and Great Steak and Potato), but we're running out of fast food over here. Qdoba's great, but I can't eat there every day.

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