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War / Bush Protest Leaves Students Stuck

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 06, 2006, at 09:12AM

Yesterday saw an anti-war / anti-Bush protest make its way from Pershing Square to the Federal Building, lasting from noon into the evening. This led Downtown's rush hour traffic to be a lot worse than normal last night, which didn't affect my walk home.

There was a side effect of this that did make me a little upset, though. My wife teaches at Oscar de la Hoya Animo Charter School in the World Trade Center. Her students come almost entirely from East L.A. Because of the disruption the protest had on buses many students at her school were unable to leave for home until close to 6pm.

I understand the need for protests and I understand why they happen Downtown (nurses protested Downtown yesterday as well, marching to the National Labor Relations Board office), but there has to be some way to allow them to happen without allowing them to have such a negative effect on everyone else.


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