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Downtown's Getting a 7-Eleven

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 06, 2006, at 11:02AM
7-Eleven Coming? Eric Richardson [Flickr]

It looks like Downtown is going to be getting a 7-Eleven, and that's something I can get excited about. Walking home yesterday I took the south side of 7th to check out a notice that had been posted on the Mandell Lofts building (7th and Olive). It turned out to be the A.B.C. notice pictured at right.

Say what you want about new, trendy, healthy stores, the bottom line is that I'm going to give more business to a 7-Eleven than I am to most anything else you would put on that corner. Your selections on places to go to buy a soda and a candy bar are more limited in this part of Downtown than they should be, and the places that do sell that sort of thing get away with completely ripping you off. Rite-Aid sells many of their 20oz sodas for $1.49. You can get a heck of a lot of Big Gulp for that much.

Update (11:30am): Just after posting this I walked over to Rite-Aid to get a soda and found that they've raised the price on their 1 liter sodas from $1.49 to $1.69 or $1.79. This changes a weird situation where they had 20oz for $1.39 (Coke products) or $1.49 (Pepsi products) and the 1 liters for $1.49.


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