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Downtown's Also Getting a Famima!!

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 06, 2006, at 05:55PM
Famima!! Downtown Eric Richardson [Flickr]

In the comments on the 7-Eleven thread talk quickly shifted to Famima!!, the Japanese high-end convenience store currently sweeping its way across Los Angeles. Reader Kat chimed in to point out where the chain had just put up some Help Wanted signs.

Turns out Famima!! will be making its Downtown debut in the Pacific Building on 6th, between Grand and Olive. It'll be in the space previously occupied by a lunchtime theatre company. I also grabbed a shot of the under construction space, which comes out looking vaguely ominous in the shot.

Update (Monday): As Fred Camino noted in the comments, Downtown's actually getting double the Famima!! with another location going in at 800 S. Figueroa, right next to Roy's Restaurant.

I'm a little bit curious about that choice of location, though, since it's sort of out of the way for residential crowds. Perhaps the chain's just getting set for the future when all the South Park stuff hits. Or, more likely, they think the office crowd there can carry the location by itself.


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