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Good Times at the Grand Avenue Festival

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, October 07, 2006, at 11:47PM
Grand Avenue Festival Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The Grand Avenue Festival was today, and I actually made two trips up the hill to check it out. Seemed to be a good turn out, especially for the Kinky show on the Grand Performances stage (no, really, it's a band).

I hung out by the DLANC and Gallery Row booths for a bit and people seemed to be interested in both. One guy came up to the DLANC booth and asked us where the food was. We pointed him down toward the Taste of Downtown tents. He said, "That's good. If you didn't know where the food was, I was going to say you weren't really the neighborhood." I like that. You can trust me; I know where the food is.

I'm sure Ed and Dave will both have better photos than I do, but the shots I took can be seen here.

I can't tell you anything about the Detour Festival. I didn't go. I did, though, set foot in the Laemmle Grande for the first time in my two and half years Downtown. I highly recommend The Departed.

9/27/2007: If you're looking for info on the 2007 festival, you can find that here.


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