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1st & Hope Skates Through Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, October 09, 2006, at 05:08PM

1st & Hope I have zero skill with a skateboard, but the skate video 1st & Hope looks pretty interesting in that the whole thing takes place Downtown. In the trailer I recognized some places and didn't recognize a lot of others. Anyone know what the building with the curving details that shows up at the 52 second mark is?

I've mentioned my fascination with Downtown film before, particularly in reference to I Love Your Work and Night of the Comet. I still just think it's a trip to see things on screen and be able to say, "Hey, I've stood right there."

The screengrab above, taken from the film's trailer, shows one of the riders cruising down the Grand Ave. sidewalk past the corner of the Central Library. The scuff just behind the rider has a story behind it: that's where a Fedex truck hit the building last July.


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