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Main Street After Dark

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, October 09, 2006, at 10:30PM
Main Street Deadzone Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The numbers that LAPD gives for arrests on Skid Row in the past weeks are staggering. The Downtown News writes of 830 arrests between September 24th and October 4th, with 546 of those involving narcotics.

Yet even more amazing is how this heightened crackdown can still leave the scene on the street looking pretty much the same as it has.

Walking from my apartment to Old Bank DVD (who need to get busy on updating their website) this evening I took Main street to check out the scene between 6th and 5th. Back in August I wrote about this block, particularly the part fronting the LA Garage, as the new scene for loitering on Main street. While the number of individuals hanging out may be down from what it was there's certainly still nothing good going on. I saw money changing hands, and I'm pretty sure they weren't settling up friendly bets.

To me that just underscores the magnitude of the problem we're dealing with here. This isn't the homeless problem. This is about drugs. Clean out the dealers and then you can start to see the real situation with the homeless.


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