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Wrapped up in Ugliness

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, October 17, 2006, at 04:23PM
Supergraphics at 2nd/Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Don Garza and I were walking from the DWP Building to the Regent Theater last Tuesday when we passed by this oddly wrapped structure. The building on the southeast corner of 2nd and Spring had been fully consumed in a Jeep ad, using a technique known as supergraphics. I was baffled at how such a thing could get through City approval, especially since there's a moratorium on new billboards. But more importantly, it was just really ugly.

Walking by yesterday the graphic was still up, though there were signs it might be on the way down. It's very possible that it got put up for the Detour Festival and they just took their time taking it down. How the City could ignore it when it's visible from every south-facing window in the building baffles me.

If it weren't for the Jeep logo in the upper right I don't know that I ever would have figured out what this thing was. On a pedestrian scale it's a muddy mess -- you can't understand it from the sidewalk next to the building.

If something like this were actually able to get through an approval process I'd think we would want to start asking for people to get fired. Its temporary nature probably means that it was done without any process -- whether or not that's legal is another question.

It sure is convenient to just let that stay up for a week or two while you get around to taking it down. I'm sure Jeep doesn't mind.


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