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Sidewalk Screenplay Leaves Me Baffled

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2006, at 11:18PM
Mysterious Sidewalk Writing Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Every so often I take a photo intending to blog about it and then forget about it. Such is the case with this shot, snapped last Thursday during the Downtown Art Walk. The second half shot can be found here.

Walking from Lost Souls to the M.J. Higgins Gallery we came across this lengthy bit of sidewalk screenplay, written on the northeast corner of 4th and Main. I'm hoping someone can help make sense of it, because it really means very little to me.

I'll transcribe it here since the photos aren't the greatest. My formatting won't be as good as that on the sidewalk. The text reads:

Cast of Characters

BILL HOLT -- Protagonist, TRIPLE O.G. 2nd striker, feuding with the city attorney Rocky Degadillo

Rocky Degadillo -- corrupt liar, Draconian and Machavellian city attorney

Thomas Gilmore -- fast talking Eastern real estate hustler. His motto: "Any thing goes in the pursuit of profit."

Butch Larson -- Associate of Thomas Gilmore.

Persivil Larson -- Son of Butch Larson. Corporate hatchet man for Thomas Gilmore and Associates.

Continued after the jump...


  1. Johnson
  2. Malone
  3. Behar
  4. Ruiz
  5. Hernadez
  6. Smith
  7. Avilo
  8. Rodriguez
  9. Taylor
  10. Perry Jones, Sr Lead Officer Wilshire Div.
  11. Commander York
  12. William Bratton, LAPD Chief

Tom LaBonge -- City Councilman

Jack Weissman -- City Councilman

Dorian -- Clerk of Parks Market

Bertha -- Owner of Parks Market

Cecil -- Berthas effeminate husband

Rudy -- Barrister at Banquet Cafe

Lance -- " " " "

Mariam -- Owner of Banquette Cafe

Albert Canter -- Owner of Fairfax Deli

Jackie Canter -- Daughter of Albert


  1. Boris
  2. Aron


  1. Donnell
  2. Jose
  3. Moe
  4. Leroy
  5. George

Jack Coorak -- Owner of video store

Ray -- Owner of Small cafe in a Thomas and associates property

Abdul Rachman -- Mgr of Petes, a hangout for new noveau rich condiminium and loft owners located on Los Angeles' notorious NICKLE 5th & Main

Big Boy -- Doorman at OLD STYLE BAR

Charley -- Whore mongering nite clerk at the Baltimore Hotel, a SRO on the nickle.

Marvin -- Ass hole buddy of Charley's

And that's all I got. If there was anything more than the cast I didn't see it. It was quite an impressive bit of writing, though. Certainly it took more than just a few minutes to get it down there.

Anyone know anything? Who's Bill Holt?


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