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Mandell Lofts Building Gets Tagged

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, October 19, 2006, at 01:30PM
Tagging on the Mandell Lofts Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The Coulter-Mandell Building will someday become lofts. It's been in the conversion process for a long, long time now. In the meantime, though, it's got that ugly wooden sidewalk overhang that pervades Downtown construction.

Last night, some time between 9pm and midnight, Sometime recently someone (or someones) up to no good climbed up that and made the easy transition to a low-hanging fire escape ladder. They then proceeded to tag three levels on the building.

I walk by that building at least twice a day and really despise the way their construction blocks the sidewalk, so I spend a lot of time looking over there. Many times I've marvelled at how easy it would be to make that same move and get up the building. In the larger version of the photo you can see two workers trying to raise the ladder and secure it. I hate to say it, but getting tagged almost serves them right for letting it hang so long.

Update (3pm): Jason says the tags were up Monday. Am I really that blind that I went by seven times before noticing?


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