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Quick Bits

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 27, 2006, at 10:24AM

Market Lofts Map Remix Market Map Remix: Ed at View from a Loft imagines what the first draft of the stellar Market Loft map might have looked like.

Famima!!: A few weeks back I mentioned that Downtown is getting two Famima!! stores. Walking by both this week it's clear that the one at 8th and Fig is much farther along than the one on 6th. The one next to Roy's has shelving up and was working on its exterior. The 6th street location still needs walls and a ceiling. Not sure when either will open.

3Z Downtown: Last night a small contingent from the IAAL-MAF attempted to take a "3Z" ride through Downtown. At two points on the route we would hit the same X/Y coordinates at three different points on the Z axis. We were foiled by filming on Lower Grand.

South Park Coffee: It seems the Starbucks at Elleven opened today. Whatever your opinion on Starbucks, pedestrian oriented retail is a very good thing.


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