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Undercover Assist

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, October 29, 2006, at 12:36AM

Kathy and I walked over to J.J. Sandwich Shop in the Santa Fe Lofts today. I don't make it over there often, but I love it when I do because the Asian couple that runs it are always extremely friendly to me. It may actually be the only place Downtown I could walk into and order "the usual" and have them not look at me funny.

Walking back, though, I think we witnessed an undercover officer assisting in an arrest. We were mid-block on 6th between Main and Spring. Two guys had passed us on the sidewalk and were approaching the corner of Main and 6th. A shaggy guy on a nondescript bicycle rolls past us and I hear him quietly say something like "He's right in front of you. There." Then all of a sudden an LAPD car hurries past, two officers jump out and they slap cuffs on the two at the corner. The guy on the bike turns around and rides the other direction.

I know LAPD has a sizable number of undercovers working Skid Row, but it's not often you actually see one and know it.


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