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Come Walk Skid Row Tomorrow

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, October 31, 2006, at 01:28PM

Tomorrow night is the November edition of the Skid Row Neighborhood Walk. I've mentioned the walk before, and I again urge all of you to consider coming out. Like I've said before, this walk is an important way to say to those on the streets in Skid Row that there are people who care about the neighborhood and we're not going to let them kill themselves by living on the street. The more they see people walking around again and again, the more it sinks in.

This morning I had a chance to attend a meeting put on by the LA Homeless Services Authority. LAHSA has an Emergency Response Team that will go out and talk to the homeless, trying to get them into shelters. They said that typically it takes 6 - 8 visits before a shelter-resistant individual is ready to come inside. They go out, get a no, go out again, get another no — and the cycle goes on. But sometimes they eventually get that yes.

That's how I see these walks. We're walking around showing our concern for the neighborhood and those in it, and people walking with us are offering the chance to go inside. Most of the time they're going to get a no, but we're going to keep walking. Eventually some of those no's are going to turn into yes's.


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