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Forgotten Frontage

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, November 02, 2006, at 04:07PM
8th Street Retail Frontage Eric Richardson [Flickr]

In September I wrote about Macy's Double Store Dilemma, where for the second time a decade they had two stores within a block of each other Downtown. From 1988 - 1997 the Macy's chain owned the Bullock's location at 7+Fig, then known as the 7th Street Marketplace. When Macy's got rid of the Bullock's name they got rid of that location as well, and the store's space has been empty ever since.

I didn't notice until yesterday, though, that the Bullock's space also opened onto 8th street. I can't help but wonder whether the entrance (pictured) ever had any real traffic. Who would be walking into the store from 8th street?


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