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Don't Tell Anyone...

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, November 02, 2006, at 09:37PM

I rode up the elevator at work this morning with two Verizon employees. One got off at the 16th floor, the other on the 17th. It then struck me how it was just a little odd that Verizon has two floors of employees (including a Business Customer Service call center) in the MCI Building.

When they have people come visit, I suspect they probably just tell them that the office is at Macy's Plaza or 700 S. Flower.

Update (10:45pm): Obviously the funny part is that I hadn't kept up with the fact that Verizon bought MCI like a year and a half ago. Stupid telephone mergers. This particular case isn't nearly as bad as the fact that we've now got three buildings Downtown with AT&T logos on them.


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