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Ed Week Looks at Green Dot

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, November 06, 2006, at 12:12PM

There's an article running in Education Week that looks at Green Dot Public Schools, the charter school system that's rapidly expanding in Los Angeles. Green Dot now has ten schools in LA and there's a chance that could double by next year.

One Green Dot school, Oscar de la Hoya Animo Charter School, is located Downtown in the World Trade Center and happens to be where my wife Kathy teaches. The school is chartered in the Boyle Heights area and will one day open a campus there, but in the interim kids are brought Downtown each morning.

The article is a good read in light of all the schools talk that's going around LA these days.

From the article:

From the downtown headquarters of his charter school company, Green Dot Public Schools, Steve Barr can see exactly what he thinks is wrong with education in Los Angeles.

He steers a visitor to the terrace, skips the most striking piece of the landscape—the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall—and turns his finger and gaze west to the 29-story headquarters of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

"That building sort of stands for everything that Green Dot schools aren't, and what no schools should be," says Mr. Barr, a burly, 6-foot-3 man with tousled gray hair and a preference for untucked oxford shirts. "It's big, bureaucratic, and not approachable for students and their parents."

Yesterday Kathy and I were driving back into Downtown and I pointed out the LAUSD building. She was amazed that they filled the whole building with staff and administrators. I told her it was even worse than that -- the 29 stories aren't big enough to hold them all.


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