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Selling Downtown's Amenities

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, November 09, 2006, at 11:29AM
Market Lofts Map Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A couple weeks back we had a good laugh at the implausibly incorrect map Market Lofts uses to sell people on Downtown. Since then I've taken a look at some other loft and condo sites with maps and it's surprising how hard it is to find one that actually has everything in the right place.

The lesson seems to be that if you're a developer, don't try showing local points of interest on your location map. Well, either that or actually check the addresses, but that could be asking too much. Let's take a look at a sampling of maps after the jump --

Security Lofts

Security Lofts Map This map has the Roxie Theater placed at 8th/Broadway. It's actually on Broadway mid-block between 5th and 6th. Then there's the issue of just completely ignoring the 2nd and 3rd street tunnels. They're helpful for getting around.

I'm also not personally a fan of the thing where they changed Spring and 5th to a different color to crosshair the building. It took me a bit to realize those were still streets.

1100 Wilshire

1100 Wilshire Map1100 Wilshire came to Cartifact to get a beautiful base map and then proceeded to stick things on top in the wrong spots. They had an easy time with the POIs already labeled on the Cartifact map, but Gold's Gym and The Palm are a bit off the mark.

They're also big fans of the color orange.

Click on Map to get the large PDF file.

Biscuit Co Lofts

Biscuit Co Lofts MapGrand Central Market is placed north of 3rd street. USC doesn't fit on the map, so they decided to just stick the dot in the bottom left corner and pretend. Flower and Hope streets wre inconvenient and were eliminated.

I'm also a bit baffled why they chose to have streets end at Alameda (for instance, check out 6th). The difference is street density makes my eye think these are two different maps.

It's a Flash site. Hit Location to get to the map.

City Loft Square

City Loft Square MapCity Loft Square is comprised of Premiere Towers, Spring Street Lofts and City Lofts. Many things are a block off in the map they use. The Pershing Square dot isn't located where the map already labeled "Pershing Square." Staples Center moved up to the corner of Fig and Olympic. The Music Center, Disney Hall and MOCA all shifted a block west. The Visitors Info Center moved one block south.

The site's in Flash. You have to navigate to Local Amenities -> Local Map -> Local Map.


Visconti MapIt really is cheating to leave out streets. The Flower Mart is shown straight below Pershing Square. Given that the map is tilted, that would mean that the Flower Mart is actually west of Pershing Square. I'm pretty sure it's not.

The Building names are from years ago... "Regal Biltmore?" "Hyatt Regency?" "Arco Plaza?"

I don't think there's any valid reason why you would put Hope street on a map but nothing between Grand avenue and Alameda.

Packard Lofts

Packard Lofts MapAnd finally, one that's actually correct. It seems everything's in the right spot. A small round of applause is certainly deserved.

That said, the map is highly inaccurate in terms of proportion. Downtown's blocks aren't squares. For the most part our north-south blocks are much longer than the east-west ones. Depicting it otherwise makes things look pretty odd.


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