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One Block of One Way

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, November 22, 2006, at 08:10AM
One Block of One Way Eric Richardson [Flickr]

If you've ever driven down around the AT&T Center (formerly the Transamerica Center) you've probably encountered this odd stretch of Hill street. At 12th street the roadway closes to two-way traffic, becoming a one-way heading south but still allowing bus traffic to go north. One block later, at 11th, traffic patterns return to normal.

Why is that?

We brought up that question at DLANC's last Transportation & Public Works committee meeting. The representative from LADOT who was present answered that the intent was to prevent Hill street from becoming overly congested. By making it harder for cars coming from the south of Downtown to use Hill, the thought was that the street would have more capacity for traffic generated above that point.

That makes sense, I guess, but still this little stretch of signage just feels like a solution in search of a problem.


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