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Mystery Explosions?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, November 28, 2006, at 02:06AM

Yesterday a reader wrote asking about a mysterious sound he had heard in the night.

I live in the Santa Fe building and was surfing the net around 12:55am Sunday Night/Monday Morning. There was an explosion that rocked this building. It was unbelievably loud. LOUD! Louder than anything I've heard on a movie set either working on or having lived down here for 14years seen filming. It sounded like it had a pre-sound, almost as if it was launched or mortared (?). Do you or anybody else know what the hell that was. I don't expect anyone to fess up to exploding an illegal bomb in the city but was it a film? What the hell?

I had meant to make a few inquiries during the day but had gotten busy. Just now, though, I was woken up at 1:58am by a definite explosion. What gives? Who's blowing things up in the middle of the night this week?

Update (Tuesday, 2pm): No answers yet, but just to clarify: the reader wrote me about an explosion heard at 1am on Monday morning. I heard an explosion at 2am on Tuesday morning. Brian Humphrey from the LAFD blog is checking to see if his department knows anything.

Update (Wednesday, 7am): Another noise last night, just before 1am.

Update (Wednesday, 2:30pm): Just got off the phone with Film LA. They say there was nothing nearby shooting overnight with effects.


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