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American Apparel No Longer on 5th

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, November 28, 2006, at 03:29PM
No American Apparel on 5th Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Last October American Apparel opened a clearance store on 5th street, between Broadway and Hill. It was a tiny shop, lacking even a dressing room.

Whether for that reason or just unhappiness with the location the store's no longer there. It disappeared last week, and in the window is the pictured sign pointing shoppers east to a new closeout store located at or by the factory.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the retail spaces in that building at the corner of 5th and Broadway once the Rite-Aid moves across the street. Today workers were removing the construction wall from the Broadway side of the Jewelry Trades building (Rite-Aid's future home) and installing new glass. Inside shelves and aisles are starting to be installed.

Update (6pm): So's blog linked to this post and included the following:

People like to talk about Downtown's resurgence, but if an American Apparel clearance store can't survive...yikes.

Ummm... Where in the post did it say they closed because they couldn't survive? The shop did ok business. I don't know their numbers and I know the company has far better performing stores, but I'm sure it wasn't sales that did the location in. I would reckon they just liked the idea of a factory closeouts store at the factory.

That and, as I said, the spot on 5th was tiny. Literally, it was probably 180 sq. ft. It had a tiny bathroom and no fitting rooms. That's bad for a clothing store.


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