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A Grandiose Paseo?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, December 03, 2006, at 01:47PM
Union Station from El Pueblo Park Eric Richardson [Flickr]

There's an article in today's San Diego Union Tribune talking about the new Los Angeles Historic State Park. Nothing all too new, but this little bit at the end stood out to me:

Garcia's group is moving ahead with designing 15 interpretive panels to be placed along the Los Angeles River near the new park. And not far away, the regional Metropolitan Transportation Agency is planning a more pedestrian-friendly, "grandiose paseo" leading from Union Station to El Pueblo and from there to the Los Angeles Civic Center.

I haven't heard anything of this "grandiose paseo" idea. The new little park that's across Alameda from Union Station (pictured) is really nice. At various times there have also been talks about redoing one of the bridges over the 101 to be pedestrian-oriented. I'd be pretty surprised to see anything serious happen with that, though.


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