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Turning Construction Walls into Art

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 04, 2006, at 11:07AM
Youth Art on LA Live Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I haven't been down by LA Live in a week or two, so it was cool to pass by yesterday and see that the construction fencing has been covered with art from various youth organizations. The project walls on Figueroa, Chick Hearn Court, and Olympic (pictured) display panels contributed by a variety of groups, including Downtown names like ArtShare and Inner-City Arts.

I can't seem to find more information about this project online, but I'll certainly update with a link to that if I can find something.

What kills me about this, though, is that I should have been able to tell you about this months ago. On September 21st I posted this photo as part of a post on Macy's double store dilemma. The former Bullock's Department Store space at 7+Fig had been open with an art project going on inside.

I saw this work going on several times and each time I'd say "There's a cool story here. I need to find out what's up." Turns out the panels found inside were for this project. When I saw them up on Olympic I kicked myself for not following through on that.


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