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Magic on the Standard

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 07, 2006, at 11:14AM

I just ran across this little bit from an Orlando Sentinel article that talks about how life for the Orlando Magic on the road isn't as easy as it would seem. This past week their road trip brought them to Downtown.

Los Angeles Dec. 2-3

The Magic had Saturday off . . . and experienced some LaLa Land wackiness in downtown Los Angeles.

They stayed at The Standard Hotel, frequented by celebrities and really cool people. It is, well, how can we put it? It's more of a hostel than a hotel.

For millionaire players familiar with modern luxury, the rooms at The Standard are rather techno-spartan. Think the Jetsons meet the Flintstones.

Platform beds. Open shower/tub areas, bordered only by curtains and mirrors. Built-in orange couches. Lots of gray paint. Team trainer Tom Smith had a huge sculpture of a foot in his room. "It's eclectic," Sterner said.

Somewhere in the process the Standard's "hip weird" got interpreted as "techno-spartan." It is an interesting hotel.


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