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Triforium Relit

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 14, 2006, at 08:26AM
Triforium Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Yesterday afternoon Jan Perry presided over the relighting of the Triforium, the massive multi-color sculpture caddy-corner from City Hall. I've long been a fan of the piece, and back in April I wrote here that I'd love to see it working again.

What fascinates me so greatly about the Triforium is the way that it set out to do so much with only the technology available at the time. Computer controlled sculpture in 1975? Heck, the TRS-80 didn't even come out until 1977. That's why it's sad for me to read things like this:

The Triforium is still out of sync — the old computer system must be replaced before the 1,494 bulbs pulsate to the music once more. But Perry promised that inexpensive new technology would allow that phase of the restoration project to take place next year. Hours of the Triforium's operation are yet to be determined.

I don't want new technology. I want amazing old technology that is doing things you never thought possible. I understand the need for low-maintenance and the need for reliability, but I would certainly hope that nothing is done to simply throw out the sculpture's original heart.


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