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Trimming: Before and After

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, December 15, 2006, at 09:47AM

Trimming: Before and After

This past week the Bureau of Street Services came down Spring street and chopped up all the trees. This impacts the look of the street, but it also impacts the look out my windows. The photo above shows the view from my bedroom before and after "trimming."

Street tree maintenance is a complicated issue. I wrote about this back in August, citing BSS in saying that they only have the money to trim a street tree once every seven or so years.

Of course explaining that it's about the money doesn't change the fact that chopping back all the trees drastically alters the feel of a street. Spring street post-cutting feels barren and sparse.

Quick Regrowth

Regrowing Tree The ficus trees that are so prevalent Downtown are certainly quick growers. Back in June BSS completely cut back a tree on 7th street. If you look at that same tree today it's not that large but it has regrown a fairly full head of leaves.

So that tells me that Spring has a decent chance of looking ok at the start of summer. Perhaps BSS just wants us to feel like we're on the east coast and that our ficus trees lost their leaves naturally for the season.

It would be nice to figure out some way that this drastic cycle might not be the approach of the future. Ideally these trees would get routine maintenance and pruning and not their seven-year chopback. That's going to take a different pot of money, but perhaps it's something that the minimally-active Historic Core BID might interest itself in.

For the next few months, though: I think we might invest in some curtains.


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