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New Homeless Map Up

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2006, at 04:44PM

Downtown LA Homeless Map Yesterday afternoon I put the December 15th Downtown Homeless Map online. That makes four maps now that you can animate between to see how population shifts and changes over time.

Over the course of the six weeks we've been mapping these counts you can certainly see an increased scattering of homeless into the toy and fashion districts. What's interesting between the latest two maps (Dec. 1st and Dec. 15th) is how the density around 6th/Central vanishes and then reappears. I'd guess that has something to do with the weather we had around the 1st, where it was very cold and we also had a touch of rain.

Note that the animation only shows a portion of the map. For the full view click on the Maps tab and download one of the PDFs.


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