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2006 in Review: January

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, December 20, 2006, at 12:29PM
Bike Ride Shots -- Jan 29th, 2006 Eric Richardson [Flickr]

2006 has been a fascinating year for Downtown LA. In the upcoming days I'll recap what I view as the most interesting stories we covered here in each of the past twelve months. You can also view all of blogdowntown's January posts.

Goes Around, Comes Around: Several of January's stories are once again pertinent. The year started off with Giant Village being cancelled, saying they weren't sure about refunds, finally saying they would give refunds, and then proceeding to take a full year do so.

The tie-in to today is that Giant is again hosting a New Year's event Downtown, this time on the vast parking lot slated for Metropolis development. Ticket holders (including my former roommate) that have been strung along for an entire year of saying they would get refunds are now being offered tickets to that event instead of the cash they've been out.

On January 7th I posted a shot of cabling running into the Palace Theatre. I believe that shooting was for Dreamgirls, which opens wide Christmas day and features scenes from both the Palace and Los Angeles theatres.

Gone: January 18th I posted about the McDonalds in the Fine Arts Building. That's gone now, to be replaced with something more upscale.

Still Around: January 19th I posted about the guy selling mix tapes in front of Macy's Plaza. One year later and he's still here, though sometimes more sporadically than at others. Yesterday he was selling christmas music.

Pictured is the Produce Market, site of a fire on January 23rd.


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