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Filling in Dead Space

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 21, 2006, at 11:26PM
Construction at 6th/Main Garage Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I took the DASH D route twice today and took this shot while waiting for the bus at 6th/Main. These retail spaces on Main street were "built" with the garage, but have been unfinished ever since.

Having those empty shells with no ability to put something in them has contributed to maintaining Main between 5th and 6th as a dead zone. There's a thriving gallery scene at 5th and the potential for ground floor retail at 6th, but it will really take activating these spaces for the two to connect.

Update (Sat): As Tim Quinn noted in the comments, the spaces are in the process of being built out, as noted in the photo. That was what prompted my post, but I guess I really didn't make that clear. In fairness, I had just gotten off a plane and posted that from Chicago.


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