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Blogudrama? Bloggertainment? Ugh.

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, January 05, 2007, at 10:25PM

There's a column in this week's Downtown News that's half about me, though it only manages to call me "the blogdowntown man." That just sounds a bit odd. In any case, Howard Leff "covers" the recent back-and-forth I had with Kevin Roderick on the topic of LA Live and Times Square comparisons. Skipping into Howard's piece:

LAO fired back: "Times Square is vital to Manhattan's energy, a 24/7 hub that hundreds of thousands of people inhabit daily. L.A. Live won't be a district or a 24/7 anything - just a corporately designed destination complex." Sheesh! The blogdowntown man didn't directly respond to that comment, but several days later, did post 224 snapshots of every building on Broadway between First Street and Olympic.

I admire that although I'm not quite sure why.

I don't know what it says that I'm at the center of the story and still had a hard time following along. And to clarify, I posted 224 pictures of Broadway, but only one or two of each building.

In the end I guess I'm giving Howard what he wants by linking to his writing here:

So who's in the center of this blogudrama? That's the best part! I don't know either one of these people, which means my life won't change one bit if they turn on me. Unless I end up in their blogs too - which wouldn't be a bad thing. A mention or two could only bolster my Google search hits and increase the chances of an appearance on Warren Olney's outstanding radio show.


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