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How Would You Summarize Downtown?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, January 12, 2007, at 07:18AM

I get a fair amount of email from people with questions about Downtown. Yesterday, though, I got a request I don't think I've received before: to summarize Downtown in a few sentences.

I am getting married this summer at Union Station – my fiance and I lived in New York for many years and wanted to have a true "city" wedding even though we live in LA now. Most of our guests have never even been downtown – they're used to coming to LA to go to the beach!

Without overwhelming people with too much information, I would love to provide a brief description along with our invites to give people a little bit of the flavor of what downtown LA is all about. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts with me about how to best (briefly) describe the highlights of downtown.

I wrote back and got permission to pass the question on to you. So let's hear it, how would you summarize the highlights of Downtown?


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