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Remembering Old Times at Angelique Cafe

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, January 12, 2007, at 02:56PM
Angelique Cafe Eric Richardson [Flickr]

This week's Downtown News told how the amazing Angelique Cafe on Main street has changed ownership. There aren't going to be any radical changes -- in fact the new owner says he plans to open for dinner sometime in the next year or two.

Still, frequent commenter David Kennedy took this change with some sadness. He has great memories of Angelique and its owners, and asked if I would post the letter he wrote them. It's a great thank-you note to two people who invested a lot of personal energy into Downtown.

Hello, Florence! This is one of your old customers. You may remember my wife and I. A few years ago, we hired you at the last minute to cater our wedding after our original caterer quit on us. We have a young daughter and twin boys who were born this year. We used to visit more frequently. But, our newborn twins made that a challenge. I just read this morning that you and Bruno have sold Angelique Cafe. I'm very happy for you. I can understand your desire to get out of the day-to-day grind of the restaurant business. It is a lot of hard work. I trust the transaction was profitable and rewarding for you. Congratulations.

However, on a personal note, this change makes me sad. Angelique Cafe came to occupy a special place in my heart. Way back in the late 90s, I recall seeing a brief review of your restaurant in the L.A. Times and discussing it with my French landlady. After visiting your restaurant, I was smitten. Shortly thereafter, I moved into the neighborhood and made your restaurant the place for breakfast on Saturday mornings.

David's letter is continued after the jump...

When I got married and started a family in 2002, it became harder to visit with so many babies in tow. Still, whenever friends and family came for a visit, a trip to Angelique's was always in order. Everyone agreed it was a special place. I believe Angelique Cafe was a special place because of you and your husband. I believe that restaurants are very personal places and they reflect their owners' taste and sense of hospitality. I always felt so welcome and contented when I was there.

Sure, the new owners say they will keep everything the same. But, it truly won't be. Nothing can replace the care and attention you and Bruno paid to your Angelique Cafe. In the best of all worlds, the restaurant will flourish anew under its new management. But, I am full of sadness to realize the Angelique I knew and cherished for years is now gone.

Thank-you for all the wonderful food and happy time spent there. If I'd known the end was near, I would have spent more time there this fall. But, such is life. Here today, gone tomorrow.

David notes that Florence sent him a very nice letter in response.


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