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9th and Main Turning into a Food Spot

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, January 20, 2007, at 07:10PM
L'Angolo Cafe Eric Richardson [Flickr]

L'Angolo Cafe, 101 W. 9th

I was walking over to the sale at Loft Appeal this morning (going on tomorrow as well, lots of cool stuff) and happened by a new restaurant I hadn't seen before.

L'Angolo Cafe is located on the corner of 9th & Main and serves a good looking menu of pasta and seafood along with a full range of salads and sandwiches. They're normally only open weekdays for breakfast and lunch, but today was an odd exception so I stopped in to ask a few questions.

Owner Paul Kim told me that they've been open for four weeks now, after a build-out that lasted nearly a year. The big hold-up, as we saw with Pitfire, was figuring out how to get the proper venting installed into an older building.

Definitely a spot to check out for fresh fish cooked over a real fire. Paul also told me that he's hoping to add dinner hours when summer comes around.

Right next door is another new eatery, the Brazilian Wood Spoon. When they opened back in November Ed Fuentes called it a breakfast and lunch cafe, but the sign on the door had them open for dinner as well (and perhaps not breakfast, if I remember correctly).

When you add in Angelique Cafe and Tiara Cafe (thanks Karnig), this unassuming corner is quickly becoming a southern counterpart to the stretch of 4th between Main and Spring (Pete's, Warung Cafe, Lost Souls, Rocket Pizza). With the Eastern Columbia opening soon and several other buildings down that direction underway, hopefully the residential crowd will start to support these spots and help us keep improving the options for mid-range fare Downtown.


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