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Short Meters for Quick Confessions?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 23, 2007, at 03:03PM
15 Minute Meter Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Downtown have one hour meters, two hours meters, heck even ten hour meters, but not many of these green 15-minute timers. Now I'll admit that I haven't actually walked every block to check this, but I believe there to only be one row of green 15-minute parking meters in all of Downtown.

And for some reason they're on 2nd street, next to St. Vibiana's.

These meters have never made a bit of sense to me. One block prior and one block past the meters are your traditional silver variety and offer normal parking periods.

Where are you supposed to be going in the 15 minutes these meters give you? Pitfire for a pickup? The library for a quick read? Caltrans for a brief meeting?

More likely I'd imagine the short timeouts just keep the spots open for the people who actually use them: those with government vehicles who don't actually put any money in the meter.


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