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Photos from Elysian Park

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, January 28, 2007, at 07:53PM
IAAL-MAF: No Surrender Monkeys Ride Eric Richardson [Flickr]

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend brought two great activities to Elysian Park: a walk and a bike ride. I attended both and took photos.

Walking Tour: The walk was excellent, and I highly recommend it as a way to hear a history of the park and the various efforts to appropriate it that have been fought off by the Citizens' Committee to Save Elysian Park (a convention center or two, LAPD training expansion, Caltrans, etc).

No Surrender Monkeys Ride : The ride reminded me how little I've been on my bike in 2007, but other than that it was excellent. The ride included a speed challenge on 4th, between Beaudry and Hope. I maxed out at 42mph, one mph off my personal best but tops in the group (though, to be fair, I had far more experience at that particular hill). The very end of the ride brought a great sunset, something that you seem to always find at Elysian Park.


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