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CRA Wants WIFI on the Gold Line

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2007, at 08:16AM
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When looking at the Gold Line's low ridership, there are a variety of things you can point to as culprits: the crawl along Marmion Way, one-car trains when two are needed, etc. Likely the lack of WIFI service isn't in your list for why the line's numbers have struggled.

CRA, though, thinks that adding a wireless net connection will increase ridership and has proposed the idea to MTA's current Call for Projects. The $1.1 million project would put access points on poles along the line, with the connection inside the car maintained by amplifiers on the roof.

I'll point out that I was using the Internet from the Gold Line back in March of 2005, so it isn't as if this ability to get online is something entirely unthinkable beforehand. Still, the increasing presence of free WIFI connections is certainly welcome.

But will this attract more people to the train? Ehh, that I'm not so sure of.


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