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Bummed Out at Ad Choices

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2007, at 09:40PM
Dumb Ad in the Downtown News Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Kenarch pointed me to this ad, running on page 10 of this week's Downtown News. It asks whether you're "Pissed off at your greedy landlord" or whether you have "Freaks for neighbors and bums galore." It's for "sophisticated" lofts in Hollywood and Silver Lake. It's a surprising choice of words, since the ad is anything but.

I don't have a problem with people poking fun at Downtown, and I don't particularly much issue with the Downtown News running an ad that's so anti-Downtown. Ad sales is separate from editorial content, sure.

I do have a problem with this ad. There is something very wrong about using the homeless in advertising. I think it's sad that someone thinks advertising their lofts using a picture of someone who's homeless is acceptable. I realize the ad dollar's tight these days, but I would sure have preferred to see the Downtown News pass on this one.


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