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Someone Buy BSL a Calendar with Sunset Times

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, January 31, 2007, at 09:30PM
Lights Off Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Back in November I mentioned walking home down 7th, only to have no street lights between Grand and Broadway. It was a very odd experience. Yet later that night I drove down 7th and everything was normal.

The exact same thing happened tonight. I started walking down the street only to realize that it was a bit darker than normal. Again all the lights were off. I stood there a few minutes taking some pictures, and at 6:15 all the lights suddenly woke up.

Does the Bureau of Street Lighting just have 7th on a timer wth a poor grasp of when night comes? You would think someone would get that taken care of already.

Update (Thursday evening): Tonight these same lights came on at 5:30, so obviously it's not the same timer every night. It's done the darkness thing to me a time too many to be random, though.


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