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Did They Check Under the Mat?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, February 04, 2007, at 08:02PM
LAFD at 634 S. Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The fire alarm at 634 S. Spring has caused LAFD to have to respond three or four times in the last few weeks. Each time it's been a false alarm.

Today, though, the fire department showed up and no one was there. Turns out there's a plan for that, which I guess makes sense. They pulled out a ladder, stuck it up against the building and climbed up to a little plastic box secure metal box mounted 25 feet or so up. The firefighter tossed down a key and they opened up the door.

On first blush you'd think storing a key on the outside of the building wouldn't be very secure, but I guess who else carries around that tall of a ladder besides LAFD?


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