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Fire at 4th/Broadway

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, February 05, 2007, at 07:12AM
Fire at 362 S. Broadway Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Kathy woke up this morning and asked, "Did you forget to blow out that candle?" I hadn't, and tried explain the smell away while still half-asleep.

I'm sure many people Downtown had the same sort of experience this morning as the smoke from a fire at Broadway and 4th lingers over Downtown. The building at 362 S. Broadway was pretty much gutted in a fire that broke out just before 5am.

After the jump is a shot of the building from December.

Both eecue and I posted photo galleries: eecue's shots (with flames) and my shots (without).

Update (4pm): I just posted a look at the architecture revealed by the blaze.

Pictured is the building that's currently ablaze as it looked in December, when I took my snapshot of Broadway.

362 S. Broadway


In 1902 O.T. Johnson commissioned a seven-story pressed-brick office building on the northeast corner of 4th and Broadway. John Parkinson was the architect. It appears the building was still offices through 1956, when the county superintendent of schools had an office at 356 S. Broadway.

It's unclear whether that building was demolished and the (until today) existing structure put up, or whether the building was just chopped down to the bottom stories.

Earlier Updates

Update (7:55am): eecue got there as the fire was in full blaze and took lots of photos. He's headed back to his loft to clean those up and post them right now.

Update (8:15am): My Broadway fire photos are now up.

Update (9am): eecue's shots are now going up. I took this shot of him late in his shoot.

Update (noon): A little history is added in the body.


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