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One More Take on the Fire: The People Perspective

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, February 09, 2007, at 08:27AM

We've covered the fire, talked about the architecture, and even wrapped up how cool it was that so many people submitted photos and history. What we haven't done, though, is talk about the people whose shops were on the ground floor of those buildings and whose livelihood was suddenly taken away.

This morning Ed did just that over at view from a loft, posting the story of shop owner John Granda.

Monday, Granda received a 5:30 am phone call from a friend telling him to turn on the television news. "I watched and first tried to figure out the building. Then you see it's near your place and you're in shock," he recalls, "You think to yourself 'how close is it to my place?' and then 'maybe it's just the one building in the back.'" Within minutes, he knew his three stores that were in trouble. He drove from his home in Victorville, his regular commute, hours earlier than usual to see if there was anything to save.

I always enjoy reading when Ed does one of these people stories, at least partially because I'm not that good at them. But that's what's so powerful about a community covering itself -- it's not about one person doing everything, it's about the bigger whole.


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