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Xeni Covers One Wilshire

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2007, at 11:06AM
One Wilshire Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Xeni Jardin filed an NPR piece yesterday on the One Wilshire Building, the inconspicuous looking hub for west coast telecommunications. The building started its life housing law offices, but today anchors a telecommunications district that many Downtown might not know about.

Downtown has maybe a dozen buildings dedicated to data and connectivity, all within the financial district. All connect back to One Wilshire, often with multiple paths of fiber running under different streets for redundancy.

A little over a decade ago there was actually concern that Downtown's real estate market would be completely taken over by machines. Telecom companies were coming in and paying great rates for space, but they were employing lots of servers and very few people. Downtown was in danger of becoming a fully-leased ghost town. While the telecom market still seems strong, I think the danger of it overriding Downtown has passed.


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