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Pershing Square Station Closed for a Bomb Threat?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, March 06, 2007, at 02:11PM
Pershing Square Red Line Station Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Nothing that I can find on the news, but Dennis Smith made this report in the comments and I thought it worthy of being brought to attention:

The subway station at 5th and Hill has been closed for the last few hours for what we are told is a bomb threat. The K9s have just been led away and it looks like some of the police units have left but plenty of Sheriffs and Bomb Squad folks remain. 5th Street between Broadway and Hill remains closed to auto and pedestrian traffic. The security guard in the building mentioned something about suspects being arrested at LAX this morning but he gave no other details. The police on site have been pretty closed lip about any further information and there is no prediction of when the yellow tape will be lifted.

Dennis made his comment just before noon, so if there was a situation and it's now cleared I appologize for being the slow part of the chain.

You might remember that back in October Seventh street was closed because of a bomb threat in the Metro Center station. In that case the situation took almost three hours to clear.


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