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Places You Should Eat: Warung Cafe

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, March 08, 2007, at 07:40AM

Often I have something that I want to post about, but I hold off until I can go take a picture to go along with it. That's fine if it get the photo soon, but sometimes that causes me to wait too long and forget to write.

That's why Kathy and I ate Friday night at Warung Cafe and I'm just posting about it now. I feel like every time I walk by Warung it's nearly empty, but yet the times I've eaten there (both before and after renovation) I've thought it was great. The new menu is built around small plates, giving you plenty of chance to try a bit of this and a bit of that.

While everything we had was good, I'm actually going to comment on the edamame beans they bring you even before you order. The beans came salted and hot, and I think they serve as a California substitute for boiled peanuts. That probably only means anything to you if you're from the south, but it pleases me greatly.


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