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Downtown Filming Discussion Heating Up

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, March 08, 2007, at 04:57PM

Gallery owner and Downtown resident Bert Green sent out an email yesterday saying that he's had enough of film permits and shooting that don't follow the city's procedures for surveying and notification. He's posted responses to that email on his website, and there's some good stuff in there.

As a resident the thing the most often bothers me is atrocious state of notification. I think that in most cases those of us Downtown would be willing to accommodate filming when we know in advance what is coming. Recently, though, notification quality has gone way down hill.

I was commenting today at lunch that I don't think I've seen a filming notice more than once in the last month, but in that same time six or eight shoots have taken place on my block. That's far out of line with the City's notification policy.

The fundamental problem with the current system of notification is residents have no way of making sure they receive notification. If they see a shoot that hasn't been noticed and call Film LA (who handles all noticing), they'll just say the notices went out and to check with the building. If you ask your building manager he'll say he never saw a notice. The chain has too many links, and each can point a finger at some other part.

The Downtown community needs to demand that Film LA create a system that directly notifies the residents of Downtown of film shoots. As part of that same step Film LA must be held responsible for ensuring that notification happens in a timely, reliable manner.

Filming Downtown is going to continue, and I think in the end that's best for all of us. It's imperative, though, that the system change to reflect and serve the population who now make up Downtown.


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